I was very satisfied with the professional service I received from Larry Lefkowitz. I felt he cared about my case. He understood me and he had faith in me. Thank you so much!
P. Copper, Philadelphia, PA

I am glad I chose you as my lawyer. You stood as a pillar of strength.
L. Staten, Philadelphia, PA

The service provided was excellent!!! We were more than satisfied !!
C & J Brownlee, Philadelphia

Excellent service – exceeded my expectations.
W. Yan, Chester, PA

Wish all lawyers were this efficient, curteous, professional, knowledgeable and reasonable.
P. Capano, Warrington, PA

My real estate agent and I were perplexed when the seller refused to release my security deposit funds. After several failed attempts to resolve the issue, I was forced to contact a lawyer. Larry Lefkowitz and I met to discuss the situation. Larry stepped me through the entire process and fully explained my options. I felt very comfortable with Larry managing my case because he stayed on top of the situation and he kept me well informed of the stauts. Larry was very effective in presenting my case and I was elated when the arbitrators ruled in our favor for the full amount. I am very grateful to Larry because his experience, integrity and confidence not only won the case but also won a client for life. Thanks Larry.
S. Robinson, Newtown Square, PA

Larry helped turn what was becoming a nightmare into a learning experience that thanks to Larry did not leave me regretful

I bought a car through ebay back in November. I got the car shipped to my house but the seller decided to withhold the title from me. I could not register the car and it sat in my garage. Eventually, I decided that I would have to take the seller to court in order to either get the title to the car or get my money back. The only problem was that I live in Nebraska and the seller lives in Pennsylvania! I knew it would be difficult to sue the seller without going down to his state and filing the case, which I was not prepared to do. I found Larry Lefkowitz on the internet. Initially, my reason for choosing him was because his office was near the seller’s home. I called Larry and explained what was going on in a brief phone call, and a day or so later, he emailed some paperwork asking for my signature and a method of payment. That phone conversation is the only time I spoke with Larry on the phone. The rest of our communication was handled by mail or email. For a fair fee, Larry filed all the paperwork and literally did everything. He set up a court date for me and even talked to the judge so I could testify via a conference call. A week or so before the court date, the seller finally realized I was serious and decided to send me the title along with the fee I paid to Larry, plus extra money for the trouble he caused me! With only a day’s notice, Larry notified the court that we had settled outside of court. Larry helped me turn what was becoming a nightmare into a learning experience that thanks to Larry did not leave me regretful. In my opinion, any lawyer who can process an entire case through only one phone call and a few emails is one of the best around. Thanks Larry.
Norman Busey, Omaha, Ne

I wish I had known of Larry earlier
I struggled for 2 years trying to resolve a real estate issue involving my deposit funds being held and not released. After 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to appeal to reason and a failed mediation, I had no choice but to seek the help of an attorney. Luckily for me, the Bar Association referred me to Larry Lefkowitz, who met with me soon after I contacted him; immediately determined that he’d be able to help and got started with contacting the parties involved. Within a couple of months, we moved from ending demand letters to filing to sue and approximately one month after filing to sue, my funds were returned with interest. I’m confidant, that the only reason this was finaaly resolved within a few months vs. the 2 previous years I spent trying to work with the real estate agents on both sides was due to Larry’s aggressive management of my situation. Thanks Larry – if I had of known, I would have contacted you much earlier.
Mai White, Cheltenham, Pa

I made the right decision choosing Larry as my attorney
From the moment I first walked into your office, I was confident that I had made the right decision in choosing an attorney to represent me. I had already lost my case in District Court in Bristol, PA. and felt rather uncertain about filing an appeal. You took the time to carefully examine the documents I brought with me and listened patiently while I described my case. You provided advice and then clearly outlined the steps necessary to win on appeal. You gave me a timeframe, cost and confidence to move forward. When you called yesterday to tell me we were awarded the full amount I originally wanted, I was elated. Your understanding of the issues in my complaint and the approach to making the arbitration panel understand the truth was terrific. Please know that I will call you again without hesitation should the need arise. In addition, I will strongly recommend anyone that has the need of a great attorney to call you. Again, I appreciate the manner in which you handled my case, your personal integrity and professionalism.
Don Geragi, Fairless Hills

I have repeatedly recommended Larry to others.
Larry always goes above and beyond. He makes himself available 24 hours a day. Whenever I call, I get a prompt return call. A friend recommended Larry to me. I would absolutely recommend him to others–and have done so repeatedly. I have nothing but great things to say about Larry. In two years, we’ll be moving to Myrtle Beach, and I will continue to use Larry.
Anne Litwin, Levittown

I’ve always been pleased with Larry’s services.
Larry is a very good lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone. I feel comfortable with Larry and have always been satisfied and pleased with his services.
Rita Wetton, Philadelphia.

Larry is a man of character, somebody I could trust.
When I think of Larry, three words come to mind: Confident, competent and trustworthy. Initially, I interviewed Larry and he interviewed me. Soon he had an understanding of what I wanted. He was very business-like. Larry came up with the plan, laid it out and it worked. I never had to worry about anything. I like how Larry handled the billing and legal aspects. Certainly they’re important. But something else meant much more to me. Larry is a man of character, somebody I could trust. When I first meet someone, I wait for the person to show me what they’re made of. The most important part for me was Larry telling me what he would do and how he would do it- and then carrying out his plan in a very efficient manner. I have had experiences with other lawyers that I don’t want to repeat. Fortunately, working with Larry was a really good rexperience. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Larry Lefkowitz to my friends and colleagues.
Dr. Thomas Young, Philadelphia.

What I most appreciated about Larry was his honesty.
I saw Larry’s picture in his yellow page ad. His face was on the Lincoln Memorial. It said for honest answers, call Larry. I was looking for an honest lawyer, someone who would be straight with me. What intrigued me most was that Larry had his fixed fees on a a menu, with no hidden charges. I knew the exact cost of his services. Everthing about Larry was straightforward and direct. What I most appreciated about Larry was his honesty. Regarding my case, everything went fine. It worked out for the best. Last, I appreciated that Larry sent me a yearly planner and pen with his name on them. This helps me keep Larry in mind by having his information close at hand. When I moved, I gave Larry my new address so I could stay in touch with him. I would gladly recoomend Larry to anyone because he is honest.
Demetrius Casillas, Philadelphia

Larry is a differrent type of lawyer. He’s not money-hungry as other lawyers are.
Larry is a different type of lawyer. He is very down to earth and very reasonable. Larry is not money-hungry as other lawyers are. Some lawyers charge for every minute on the phone or every minute they do something. Larry charges a flat fee; then he goes and does his work. He takes time to listen to you and identify your needs. Larry helped me through a difficult time with my divorce. He did a good job. In addition, I played on a softball team where Larry was the coach. Later, I became his assistant coach, and then took over as the teams coach. Of course, I would gladly refer friends to Larry.
Tom Townsend, Langhorne

Larry told me about my options and everthing went through without a hitch.
Larry was very helpful and informative. He explained exactly how the process works. Larry told me about my options and everything went through without a hitch. I had no issues with child support, the courts or anything else. And to this day, it has stayed that way. I still have no issues with child support–none! My divorce went very smoothly. I would definitely refer Larry to my friends.
Amy Zelonis, Philadelphia

With Larry, every case we’ve had we’ve won.
Larry Lefkowitz is a very good lawyer. He was right on everything. Every case we’ve had, we’ve won. Whenever I had any questions, if I called and Larry wasn’t there, he called when he got in–even after hours. I would certainly refer others who need a lawyer to Larry.
Margaret Wills, Philadelphia

Larry was genuinely concerned about my children and me.
Larry Lefkowitz was very reliable. Whenever I needed him, he was there. Larry would always return my calls himself, not someone from his office. Larry was a very calming presence for me. Going through this divorce was a rather traumatic experience, and Larry always provided a very rational, calming perspective on the situation. He was genuinely concerned about me and my children, about our safety as well as our security.

One thing that was incredibly helpful for us was that Larry allowed a flexible payment plan. I didn’t have all the money I needed to pay for his services up front, nor did I have it in its entirety at the end. He allowed me to use an installment plan for payment, which worked out very well for me. There was really no way for me to come up with hugh sums of money in a short time period. So being able to pay it over the course of a year was very helpful for me.

My experience with Larry allowed my divorce to go much more smoothly that it would have if I had been with another lawyer who was not so genuine and did not have that much concern for my wellbeing.
Lisa Besack, Wilmington, DE

I would like to take this time to thank you for meeting with me today in reference to my child support cas. Your honest and free consultation shows that you have a great deal of integrity and a strong work ethic. I realize that I will not require your services for my October 21, 2004 support hearing. However, as mentioned, I may require legal representation in a future custody suit. If this need does arise, I will not hesitate to hire you as my attorney. Thank you again for your honest consultation.
Theresa Teti, Phila., PA

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule, twice, to return my calls. What a pleasant surprise to find someone in your profession who cares. I’m sure I’ll be calling you soon to represent my husband in his support case.
Tom & Ruth Shegda, Bensalem, PA


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