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Larry Lefkowitz is not a typical lawyer. His one-of-a kind, fixed-rate legal services offer an unusual model of doing business, at least for lawyers in the Greater Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County tri-sector. This method offers no surprises, yet a high quality of service that clients can trust and count on.

In addition to this clever pricing strategy, Larry Lefkowitz offers a casual way of doing business. His goal is to instill trust, integrity and high ethical standards in an industry that is not always known for doing so. It is Larry’s passion and purpose to help people, particularly the good people of his community in Bensalem, PA and beyond. Larry the Lawyer serves clients within a 20-mile radius of his office, located in N.E. Philadelphia and Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

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The Law Offices of Larry H. Lefkowitz, Trusted Philadelphia Family Attorney

Family law is an area of law that can encompass many quite difficult and emotional issues, like parental rights, divorce, paternity, child custody, adoption, child support, and visitation schedules. When you are dealing with such personal events in Bucks County, PA, it is so incredibly important that you have a family law attorney you can really trust at your side.

When you are fighting for your rights in a divorce, custody battle, or other family law case, who you choose to represent you really does matter. If you are currently involved in any of the following matters, it is extremely advisable that you speak to Larry Lefkowitz, Philadelphia family lawyer, at the Law Offices of Larry H. Lefkowitz today.

  • Separation
  • Annulment
  • Divorce
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Domestic protective orders
  • Adoption
  • Child abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Alimony

When it comes to one of the most common and most devastating family law issues, divorce, many people fail to realize that Philadelphia is not a community property state. Philadelphia abides by an equitable distribution statute when it comes to dividing a couple’s marital property. According to equitable distribution, as long as the division is seen as fair by a judge, a couple’s property does not have to split down the middle. Any property that was owned by one party before the marriage took place will remain with that party after the divorce and will not be divided as part of the marital property. This standard make things a bit more complicated than divorcing in a community property state and definitely requires the expertise of an experienced Philadelphia family law attorney, like Larry Lefkowitz at the Law Offices of Larry Lefkowitz.

Family law encompasses some of the most trying, stressful events that may ever occur in a person’s life. These are highly emotional times that can prove to be incredibly difficult and can even inspire less than ideal behavior from otherwise caring and mature adults. It is so very necessary to have a family law lawyer on your team in your Bensalem, PA case. A family law case should absolutely never be handled without an attorney.

Larry Lefkowitz is the best family law attorney in Philadelphia when it comes to handing very delicate family law issues, like child custody, separation, divorce, alimony, and visitation rights with care. These emotionally charged issues can be very sensitive. Most people are not comfortable sharing the rather private details of their romantic, parenting, and financial relationships with an attorney they’ve just met. It is very important to find a child custody lawyer you can trust and feel comfortable with to handle your Philidelphia case discreetly and respectfully.

A Skilled And Experienced Family Law Attorney In Bensalem, PA

A skilled and experienced family law attorney in Bensalem, PA can put you at ease and protect your important legal rights when it comes to difficult issues of family law in Philadelphia. The issues at stake in family law cases are simply too precious and too important to be left in the hands of just any lawyer. If you find yourself facing the sobering reality of a divorce, a separation, or a custody dispute, or you need guidance regarding regarding child support, paternity, alimony, or adoption, call or text the Law Offices of Larry Lefkowitz and speak to our experienced Bucks County, PA family law lawyer about your case today. You will never regret investing in a family law attorney who will make sure you’re treated fairly and your interests are represented.

Real Estate Law Services

If you are buying or selling property, it is highly recommended that you don’t skip consulting with a real estate attorney in Philadelphia, PA. The Law Offices of Larry Lefkowitz can provide you with affordable, flat rate real estate law services that can make sure you are getting a fair deal before it’s too late. It is far better to invest in a real estate attorney now than it is to dig yourself out of a legal hole later. Call or text Larry Lefkowitz for a real estate case evaluation to protect your legal interests today.

Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an accident in the Philadelphia area? You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, and your medical bills. The Law Offices of Larry Lefkowitz can help. You don’t have to deal with painful injuries alone. Contact us for a case evaluation and a listening ear.

Estate Planning

Many people don’t realize how important it is to have an updated will and estate plan until it is too late, leaving their family to deal with a long and expensive ordeal in probate court. Whether you want to avoid this fate for your loved ones when you are gone or you are a family member wading through probate, call or text the Law Offices of Parry Lefkowitz.

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