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A Testimonial From Roxanne

  • By: Larry Lefkowitz
  • Published: April 14, 2016



Roxanne wrote “I went to Larry to adopt my granddaughter who had very little contact with her birth mother and was orphaned by her father (my son) when she was 4. She had always lived in my home and all of us thought it time to make her feel secure where she was. So what started out as an easy kinship adoption turned into “mom” not signing papers and not showing up for court. And trying to through a wrench into the adoption. Larry was excellent in getting things to move along and the adoption took less than a year to complete … He and his staff where always happy to answer all my questions and put my mind and hart at ease when I worried about the birth mother trying to cause problems.”

I am always thrilled to have another satisfied client. At the law offices of Larry H. Leftkowitz, Attorney Larry H. Leftkowitz has effectively handled hundreds of family law cases. If you or anyone you know is searching for a family law attorney, I invite you to contact me today. Call (215) 750-9202 for a consultation.

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