Custody Relocation

Pennsylvania has laws which must be followed when it comes to dealing with a parent who wishes to relocate with a child.  

  • “Relocation” is defined as “a change in residence of the child which significantly impairs the ability of a non-relocating party to exercise custodial rights.”
  • No relocation shall occur unless every individual who has custody rights to the child consents to the proposed relocation, or the court approves it.
  • The party proposing the relocation is required to notify in advance, every other individual who has custodial rights to the child of the proposed relocation.
  • A party entitled to receive notice may file an objection with the court and seek a temporary or permanent order to prevent the relocation.
  • If a party relocates with the child without consent or court approval, the court shall not confer any presumption in favor of the relocation.
  • In determining whether to grant a proposed relocation, the court must consider 10 factors, giving weighted consideration to those factors which affect the safety of the child.
  • The party proposing the relocation has the burden of establishing that the relocation will serve the best interests of the child.      
  • Each party has the burden of establishing the integrity of that party’s motives in either seeking the relocation or seeking to prevent the relocation.
  • Relocation cases are handled on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration all of the factors that may legitimately affect the physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual well-being of the child.

            I am an experienced relocation lawyer who knows how to handle a relocation case. I know who you need to seek consent from, and how to get the court to approve a relocation case. I know what the notice has to say, how to say it,  and when and how to send it. I know what to do if someone objects to it. I know the 10 relocation factors and how to present them so that your burden of proof is met.

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