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How Larry Lefkowitz Can Help You Seek Protection From Abuse

  • By: Larry Lefkowitz
  • Published: December 11, 2014


Many individuals in an abusive situation at home feel as though they are trapped. It’s important to realize that you do have legal rights and options available to you. Pennsylvania residents can take advantage of the expertise of Larry Lefkowitz, a family lawyer. When you consult Mr. Lefkowitz, you’ll learn whether you qualify for protection under The Protection from Abuse Act—a state law. You do not necessarily need to have been physically or sexually abused in order to seek protection under this law.

If you are in fear of serious physical abuse or if you have been restrained in some way against your will, you could seek protection from the court system. Since filing procedures are different in each county in Pennsylvania, it’s best to consult a lawyer for help. Mr. Lefkowitz can help you file for a protection order or a petition before a Municipal Court Judge or a District Judge.

Larry Lefkowitz, Esq. offers no-obligation consultations to those seeking protection from domestic abuse and those in need of a divorce lawyer. Call (215) 750-9202 today to get the protection you deserve.

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