Child Support

Do You Need Legal Services for Child Support in PA?

Child Support

Child Support legal assistance in Philadelphia and Bensalem, PA can be costly with traditional family law firms. Larry Lefkowitz handles child support matters differently, offering one flat rate for each type of child support matter you need. Whether you merely need a petition filed to start receiving child support payments, or a mediation and trial to have a judge hear your child support issues, Larry offers a tenacious approach to make sure your child support matter is handled fairly and cost effectively.

Child support and child custody can be very tricky, especially if you try to handle it on your own. It is a wise idea to hire an experienced Philadelphia child support and custody lawyer to help you through the case. We offer assistance both to non-custodial parents or to assist with collecting from a parent who is not paying the court ordered amount.

A lot of people struggle through the legal process concerning their children, particular after a marital separation or divorce. Larry Lefkowitz offers one flat rate, so that you don’t need to come up with a lot of money upfront. You will never get raked over the coals for every phone call or piece of paperwork needed to get the child support issue resolved. Having one fixed price can give you peace of mind, especially during this expensive time in your life. In fact, many people lose cases simply because they have not found a lawyer like Larry the Lawyer they can afford, so they handle it on their own.

We handle your case affordably, and legally. When it comes to you, seeing you through this difficult time in your life is the most important thing a lawyer can do.

Discuss your child support matters with us and get fair treatment.


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