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Should You Try Separation Before Filing For Divorce?

  • By: Larry Lefkowitz
  • Published: December 11, 2014


Filing for divorce signals a significant transition in your life. In many cases, couples opt for a trial separation before filing for divorce. Separation gives you the opportunity to reflect on your marriage, your motivations for seeking a divorce, and the possibility of reconciliation. During your separation, you may wish to consult a divorce lawyer to learn more about the process and what you can expect, in the event that your separation does not lead to reconciliation.

Evaluate Your Motivations

Separation is a good option for those who aren’t quite sure exactly why they’re considering divorce. Perhaps you experience a vague sense of unhappiness or you’re questioning whether you’re still in love with your spouse. If so, then separation might be a wise decision before filing for divorce. It will give you time to consider whether the challenges you’re experiencing are truly related to your marriage.

Consider Whether Feelings Are Mutual

The divorce process tends to be less difficult when both parties are on board with the transition. If you feel that divorce is imminent, yet your spouse does not, then separation may be the next logical move. During the trial separation, you and your spouse can discuss the possibility of reconciliation before moving ahead with the divorce.

Discuss Marriage Counseling

For many couples, marriage counseling is an effective means of working out differences and resolving disputes. Choosing separation before divorce enables you and your spouse to work through marriage counseling, while giving each other some breathing room. The marriage counselor can help you and your spouse decide if the problems with your marriage are resolvable or not.

Explore Life Transitions

The emotional aspect of ending a marriage isn’t the only factor to consider during your separation. A separation gives you and your spouse the opportunity to explore the other ways in which a divorce would change your lives. For example, you can learn how your finances and insurance benefits might change.

You can explore the process of divorce by arranging a consultation with a family lawyer in Bucks County. Call Larry Lefkowitz, Esq. at (215) 750-9202 for a consultation. Mr. Lefkowitz is a family lawyer who can help you file for a no-fault or fault divorce.

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