Reasonably Priced Philadelphia Lawyer Larry Lefkowitz Making a Difference!

Reasonably Priced Philadelphia Lawyer Larry Lefkowitz Making a Difference!

A client recently came to us to finalize his divorce. He was paying his lawyer $350 per hour and had already spent over $12,000.  To get his case to a Master’s Hearing in Equitable Distribution, his attorney wanted $6,000 to prepare for the hearing and another $2,000 to attend. Frustrated, he came to the Law Offices of Larry H. Lefkowitz seeking superior legal representation at an affordable rate. He was thrilled to learn that Philadelphia Family Law Attorney Larry Lefkowitz charges a reasonable flat fee of only $1500. His previous lawyer wanted $8,000 for the same service.  How’s that!? Reasonable flat fees and quality legal representation.That’s what we’re all about.

Larry Lefkowitz, Esq.: Excellent Legal Representation with Reasonable, Fixed Fee

Contemplating a divorce or have a divorce matter? Learn more about your legal options in Pennsylvania, by contacting well established Family Law Attorney Larry Lefkowitz, by phone (215) 874-6788 or go to www.larrythelawyer.com to schedule a free case evaluation. I offer a reasonable, fixed rate for divorce, and only charge you for the services you need. Call me today to learn more about how I can make a difference for you.


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Larry Lefkowitz
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Larry Lefkowitz is a Family Law and General Practice attorney who specializes in assisting his clients with experienced legal advice and services for a flat fee. Flat Rate Fees+Better Relationships=No Surprises.


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