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Exit Survey Reveals Many Clients Don’t Know All Of The Areas Of Law Practiced By Our Firm

  • By: Larry Lefkowitz
  • Published: March 15, 2018

Exit Survey Reveals Many Clients Don’t Know All Of The Areas Of Law Practiced By Our Firm

We have been sending Exit Survey postcards to clients after their files are closed, for many years. The Exit Survey asks clients to rate us from excellent to poor on the service we provided and how they were treated by the attorney and staff. The survey also asks whether: their phone calls were promptly returned; their questions were answered to their satisfaction; they were kept informed about the progress of their case; the fees were reasonable and the billing statements easy to understand. The survey also asks whether: they are aware of all of the areas of law practiced by our firm; if they will contact us with future legal needs and if they would recommend us to their family and friends.

More than 95% of the clients who respond to the survey give us the highest ratings in all categories. However, even though they say they will contact us for their future needs and recommend us to family and friends, many clients don’t know all of the other areas of law we practice.

Our goal is for you to think about us the same way you think about your family doctor. You go to your family doctor for all of your medical needs. You rely on your family doctor to diagnose, treat and/or refer you to a specialist. I want you to come to Larry Lefkowitz for ALL OF YOUR LEGAL NEEDS! I want you to rely on me to guide you in the right direction. I want you to trust me, that if I can not personally help you, I will refer you to someone or somewhere, where you can get the help you need. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing that I did “right” by someone.

The next time you have a question or need for an attorney, don’t hesitate to contact me, “YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD LAWYER.”

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