Get Assistance With Protection From Abuse


A state law in Pennsylvania known as the Protection From Abuse Act is in place to give the court power to issue civil protection against abuse, rather than criminal. This is not applicable to every case, but having an attorney such as Larry Lefkowitz can guide you on the path to protection.

You have suffered enough already, so Larry Lefkowitz offers flat rate abuse protection assistance so that you will be able to stand up to the violence. In order to be eligible, you must have been physically or sexually abused and be in genuine fear of threats and menacing behavior. This also applies to people who have been knowingly and unwilling restrained with no safe place to escape, as is often the case with minors.

An abuser can come in the form of a spouse, ex-lover, current boyfriend or boyfriend, parent or other close relative. Filing procedures vary depending on the county in which you live in Pennsylvania. A petition must first be filed with the Municipal Court Judge in Philadelphia or within a District Justice in the surrounding county.

If the hearing officer believes you are in present or immediate danger, you may be granted temporary emergency protection. You will also be advised on protective measures to follow to receive a final protection order, which Larry the Lawyer can help with, as well.

A local crisis hotline, domestic violence shelter or an organization such as Woman Against Abuse can provide immediate assistance. Free assistance, advice and guidance are provided in Bucks County by the Legal Aid Society. Call 215 348-0445 for Legal Aid’s Abuse Line. In Bucks County, contact a Woman’s Place at 1-800-220-8116. If you need shelter or want to arrange for someone to accompany you to court, contact us for guidance.

Larry Lefkowitz can also help you if you have been wrongfully accused of dometic abuse.

The abuse attorney can certainly make a difference in the handling of your case.


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