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Tips For Explaining Divorce To Your Kids

  • By: Larry Lefkowitz
  • Published: December 11, 2014

Tips For Explaining Divorce To Your Kids
As difficult as divorce may be for you and your spouse, it’s even harder on your kids. Your kids may not understand why you are consulting a divorce lawyer or why the family is splitting up into two residences. They’ll need to adapt to significant transitions in the coming months. When broaching the subject with your children, it’s important to repeatedly remind them that you and your spouse still love them and that the divorce is not their fault.

Anticipate the Kids’ Questions

Before telling your children that you and your spouse are getting divorced, take some time to think about what they might ask you. Kids commonly ask questions such as why the divorce is happening, where they’re going to live, whether they’re going to change schools, and even whether you’ll still attend their baseball games or ballet recitals. Consider age-appropriate responses to these questions and always answer in a manner that will reassure the kids.

Show Mutual Respect

It’s usually a good idea for you and your spouse to sit down with the kids together to inform them of the impending divorce. You and your spouse must agree to show nothing but respect for each other in front of the children, even if there is significant conflict.

Avoid Distributing Blame

When explaining divorce to your kids, avoid blaming your spouse. Assigning blame to your spouse may make your kids think that they are also being blamed. Avoid explaining the detailed reasons behind the divorce. Rather, you can simply say something like, “Your mom (or dad) and I aren’t going to live together any longer because we don’t want to fight with each other. Both of us love you very much.”

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